Our History

The history of La Casa Del Sol begins with a man who’s childhood was one of fishing and swimming along the banks of the Tamesi river, who’s adolescence was spent teaching himself to play guitar, and who’s adult life was treasured creating lasting friendships and a legacy to pass on to his growing family.

After having 5 children, working in the petroleum industry in Mexico, and having recorded multiple albums and played for an array of events all throughout the country of Mexico, Constancio Izaguirre and his wife Elida along with their 5 children ventured out to the United States of America to fulfill the American dream. Elida’s passion for family, impeccable cuisine, and knack for originality paired with Constancio’s determination have allowed them to carry out their dream.

Constancio, after having worked for his sister’s Mexican restaurant in Utah and Morgan City for some time, felt he knew enough about the business to open and run a restaurant of his own. Two Morgan City businessmen approached Constancio, known by all as Mr. C, about helping him open his restaurant. After accepting the offer, Constancio’s was opened in Thibodaux on May 15th, 1976. With the unending support and help from his beloved wife, Elida, Mr. C’s dream had become a reality. After the partnership with the Morgan City businessmen fell apart, Mr. C was given the opportunity to continue his dream with the help of some gentlemen who would later become lifelong friends. As a result of faith and hard work, La Casa Del Sol was opened on October 19th, 1978.

The name La Casa Del Sol came as a result of an inevitable intrusion of sunlight beaming through the first high-window building. Because of this, and its sun’s significance in the Aztec culture, the name “La Casa Del Sol,” which translates to the "house of the sun", seemed appropriate.

Today, guests can enjoy La Casa Del Sol’s signature salsa, margaritas, and homemade dishes at two different locations including our location on Westover Dr. in Thibodaux and on Monarch Dr. in West Houma.

The story of La Casa Del Sol is not one without trials and tribulations. However, the success is attributed to triumph over the difficult times, to the unending patronage of our most loyal customers, and the hard work of countless employees that have put in loads of time, effort, sweat, and tears.

Mr. C and Mrs. Ellie

Today, the business is very much family-oriented and family run. For nearly 40 years Mr. C and Mrs. Ellie along with their children, Marco, Juan, Susana, Constancio “Camoy” Jr. (late), and Salvador have kept the business running as one of the most widely known family run Mexican restaurants in the bayou region.